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Let's Talk Coaching

Despite what you’ve accomplished to this point in your life and career, you feel like something’s missing!

You KNOW that there is “more” for you – a “more” that can have a tremendous impact on the world around you. You KNOW you have a positive legacy to leave behind you. You KNOW that it’s all within you, somewhere, right NOW.

And you’re READY to let it out! It’s time to create YOUR legacy, to identify YOUR purpose/your PASSION PROJECT, to impact the world around you, to truly LIVE life the way God intended you to, and to live a life you LOVE!

And you’d like some help doing that …

Consider Hiring a Coach

What Coaching is …


  • Is focused on you

  • Believes that you are a capable individual who knows at your core what you want your future to look like and who has within them what they need

  • Uses a question-based approach to draw out answers and creativity from within you that brings clarity

  • It helps you find answers to your challenges.

  • It helps you design a plan that you can own and commit to

  • It helps you implement, implement, implement

  • Guides you through the process until you’re confident in doing it on your own

What Coaching is NOT …

  • Considers your past and how that may be influencing your present and future

  • Focuses on the problem 

  • Diagnoses the situation and offers solutions

  • Teaches specific strategies or skills (“how to”)

  • Usually, an expert with experience in a particular issue.

If you’re ready to explore how a coach may help you, let’s talk!
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How Coaching Works

+ Clarify

Nothing happens unless you fully understand the “why” behind what it is that you want to do.  


The FIRST thing in any transformation is to discover the “why” – the reason that God has you on this earth at this specific time.  Part of my job as your coach is to help you get clear on your purpose for this next chapter of your life.

Once the “why” is established, we can then work together to explore the “how” (the vehicle … within what structure … etc.) you can use to carry this out.


+ Plan

Designing a plan is much more than writing down a series of steps. 

 It’s uncovering what’s most important to you. It’s understanding how YOU work best. Learning how you direct and maintain your energy and focus. Develop habits that support your commitment to growth.  

My job as a coach is to help you create a design/plan that you love, that you own, and that you are able to walk out with intensity and passion.


+ Execute

The greatest plans are useless if they are not implemented.  

On the other hand, massive action (or hustling) isn’t necessarily the best way to fulfill your commitment either.

Execution involves taking a step, evaluating what happened, adjusting your approach, and taking the next step.

My job is to help you create a kickoff that is strategic in design with specific mile markers, to help you evaluate and adjust, to encourage as needed, and to kick butt where appropriate. 

​A lot of high achievers seek out coaching with me because even though they’re successful...lately they've been feeling unsettled...feeling a sense of emptiness.
If you’d like to hear more about that… click here.


“As an insurance agency owner, I have had the opportunity to work with Diane in many capacities.  I have found her to be honest, caring, and puts serving others before herself always. She is quick to listen and great at communicating. She is forward-thinking and asks "why" when appropriate. She has taken on many roles in the community and does so with passion and commitment. And most importantly, she loves God and is not afraid to share her faith with others.” 


Mynde Kessler - Agency Owner   

Kessler Insurance Agency LLC       

Fighting Texas Aggie - Class of '95   

"Everyone needs a Diane in their life. Someone to see the ”more” and help you get after it. She is fun, engaging and has vision to see deeply into generations to come. If you’re looking for someone to support and push you as you move from A to B and start investing in your legacy - she’s your girl."

Beth Medley

Speaker – Life Coach - Educator

“The BEST life? There are only 3 choices in life. Being stuck in a rut … running away from God … and running towards God with intentionality. Since meeting Diane Davis in 2014, she has helped and continues to help me to make and keep healthy boundaries.  Diane is racing beside me (to His eternity / in His will).


Laura Cook

Retired – Math & Special Education

Fighting Texas Aggie

“After a successful career in healthcare management, I found myself in a unique transition period where I needed to move on from my current job into another phase of my life. The problem was that I had no clue what to do next. I was 50 years old looking for God to direct me but stuck in the mire of conflicting advice from family and friends. Diane and I started to meet weekly in order to lay out a systematic approach to my next phase. We started with my strengths and identified the types of industries that spark my interest. Next, we moved into areas of my life that raised concerns or could have potential issues down the road. Diane not only provided coaching for my occupational goals but helped me focus on areas of my life that will make me a better person.”


Stuart Young

Founder and Former CEO

Traditions Health – Home Health &

Hospice Care

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