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I have shared with you my mission … to see 1 million lives changed for the better during that time. I know that I cannot do this alone. So I am going out and sharing this message and this mission with the goal of finding others God is calling to be trajectory changers.

But what your trajectory changing will look like … will be unique to you … so there are no cookie cutter answers. It is a journey that you will need to commit to begin. A journey involving listening to the Holy Spirit for guidance. A journey involving seeking wisdom from others – other faith driven individuals who are walking this same path - faith driven professionals – to name a few. It is a journey marked by a Holy Spirit inspired sense of peace.

What I can do is give you an example of a client of mine … and then one from my own life … as to what we found to be the trajectory changing components in our lives.

Sometimes the answer as to what it will look like comes from a problem you are having in your business. One example is a machine shop owner who had a particular way that he wanted his machinists to manufacture the widgets. Unfortunately the machinists he hired were very experienced – which meant that they had their way of doing things. Despite trying repeatedly, the owner could not get the machinists to adopt his way of doing the job. Oh, they would acquiesce for a time … but ultimately go back to their way of doing the job. He couldn’t fire the machinists – for whom would he replace them with but other experienced people who in all probability came with the same preconceived notion of how to do the job.

But he also hired floor sweepers – who were unskilled, minimum wage individuals. After much time spent in prayer – time spent seeking wisdom and guidance – a transformational component was created. Floor sweepers were hired not for their skills but hired for who they were as people – people who wanted more and were willing to work to get that more.

An internal machinist training program was created for the newly hired floor sweepers; and now, some 2 ½ to 3 years later, about half of the company’s machinists are the product of that training program. Those former floor sweeper now machinists are doing the job that way the owner wants it. The other machinists have been put on notice that they can be replaced and have decided to do the job the way the owner wants it done. A problem solved for the business.

But most importantly, the trajectory of the lives of those former floor sweepers has been drastically changed for the good. And those former floor sweepers know, because the underlying reason for the owner taking the time to create this program is part of what they are told and shown, that he has done so because he was being ‘Christ with skin on’ within his business. Meeting this very human need of the former floor sweepers has earned the owner a relationship with the individuals from which he can continue to share his faith and the Good News.

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