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Just Show Up!!!

The articles on what is the most important trait for professional and business success have varying lists of what is important. And I am willing to bet (well willing to bet something small … sorry) that many if not most of you could begin to spout off a list what that one trait is. And while you may or may not guess what some expert considers the “most important” trait … you will have listed a number of critical elements to professional or business success.

But today I was at a meeting at 1 Million Cups and our fearless organizer, Will Hayes, closed us with a thought that I believe is a true key to success. It is: JUST SHOW UP!!

Showing up may mean different things to different people depending on what you aspire to achieve. For an athlete showing up is to wear his or her uniform and be at the stadium. Where he or she ends up jogging, running or doing any form of practice routine in another issue. The first step is to show up.

For those of us blessed to be called professionals or entrepreneurs, I think showing up takes on two meanings.

  • One meaning goes to the simple fact that you have to “show up” at your profession or in your business long enough … you have to exist long enough … to garner the success you have set as your goal. 20% of businesses fail in the 1st year; 30% by the 2nd year; and 50% by the 5th year. To be successful, you have to plan to be able to “show up” long enough to beat the odds.

  • Another meaning goes to being present in your profession or business every day. You are going to “show up” each day, focus on that day and what needs to be done. For when you focus on the process or task of that day and the people you interact with that day, you naturally pour your energy into that process/task/person. And guess what? Your performance soars. Then as you consistently “show up” on this day-to-day basis, you create more chances that you’re in the right place when opportunities appear.

So the key … in my humble opinion … is not to be perfect … but to take life one day at a time … and simply SHOW UP.

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