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Welcome To Diane Davis Coaching and Consulting

I was told that I needed to accept that the way to connect with people at this time in history is through the internet. But you have to understand that that is not natural to me.

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For one thing, I am from a generation where we used stationary phones and there wasn’t even such thing as voicemail. For another I am one of those people who am willing to be totally transparent BUT with people I know well. So the idea of talking about matters near and dear to my heart on a public platform is foreign for me. And as foreign...somewhat scary.

But being afraid…is not a way to live. Giving into fear…is not how God wants us to live our lives. So here we go. I have been consulting with business owners and businesses for over 27 years. And consulting, by definition, is coming in, analyzing the problem, providing the answer(s), and maybe sticking around for the implementation. But as I came to this chapter in my life I came to believe that I was to shift my focus. Since 2017 I have been working full time as a coach and consultant with those successful individuals who feel and/or know that they are called to “more” (“more” than just the trappings of success)…to help them get clear on what their passion projects are in this season of their life.

I define a passion project as that “something” (whether it is within what they are currently doing; or outside their current “work” situation; or by the creation of something new) that changes the trajectory of peoples’ lives. A “something” that leaves a positive legacy.

As part of reaching out to people, I will be periodically posting “blogs” about matters that have been and/or are important to me. It is my hope that everyone reading this “welcome” will join me on this legacy building journey by sharing their thoughts, feelings, suggestions, etc. with me. For, to me, there is not “pride of authorship”.

I want whatever we are discussing to be as impactful as possible and I believe that occurs when we freely share who we are, what we think and what we feel.

Thank you for reading through this. I am excited to see the coming weeks unfold.

Blessings to you and yours,

Diane Davis

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